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BrustvergrößerungA beautiful breast is seen as the ideal of beauty for many women. A breast highly determines the outer and aesthetic appearance and plays an important role when talking about the woman’s body. The breast influences the critical self-perception of a woman and therefore, also influences the self-esteem and well-being. Even the media contributes to the mediation of this ideal of beauty and focuses on this part of the body. Moreover, the breast is also an attractive and feminine part of the body men prefer. Therefore, the breast is a symbol for a feminine, beautiful and positive self. It is not surprising then, that a lot of patients suffer from a small breast and are even ashamed of a slackened breast as a result of pregnancy or the age. As a last resort, these factors can highly affect the body sensation and can even mentally and physically restrict a woman’s quality of life.

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The performance of a Breast Augmentation can help in these cases because a surgery can help the breast to regain the original form or to change it by the own need and feeling. Present asymmetries can be balanced and slack breasts can be tightened through a Breast Lift. In order to fulfill the wishes of the patient and to remove all uncertainties, a personal consultation will is obligatory in advance. In this consultation, the attending doctor informs the patient about the different options, the procedure and the risks. Moreover, it is possible to see and test the implants.

Information about the Breast Augmentation

Silicone Implants are the most common forms of Breast Augmentation, even called “Mammaaugmentation”. In the past years, many technical improvements occurred, so that the use of breast implants is now highly accepted. Moreover, the amount of experiences makes a Breast Augmentation a routine procedure. Drop-shed as well as round implants are used, whereby the drop-shaped implant resembles more the natural breast and the round implant ensures more volume.

Breast Augmentation and Liposuction at the Thigh:
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Moreover, the level of strength of the silicone gel differs depending on the manufacturer. In order to reduce the risk of a capsule hardening, breast implants with a textured shell and rough surface are preferred. These implants are filled with cohesive gel containing a high bonding capacity and a high form stability; therefore, it is not a liquid filling that could leak. The patient can choose which level of strength he prefers.

As an alternative to the silicone implant, implants consisting of saline can be used. One advantage of these implants is that the filling is completely harmless and does not constitute any harm for the body in the case of a leakage. Moreover, the durability and shaping can convince you, even though these implants are not yet completely asserted on the market. Furthermore, there is the possibility of Lipofilling, meaning the use of the own fat tissue for the Breast Augmentation. This fat tissue will be removed from another part of the body.

Possible Complications and Problems

Due to the fact that a Breast Augmentation is a surgery, there is of course a risk. However, complications are rare. Swellings and small bruises are normal after the surgery and already disappear after a couple of days. If any pain occurs after the surgery, the usual painkiller can be used, but the pain will usually not be that strong. The surgery has a short-term effect on the sensibility of the nipple, which can react hypersensitive or hardly. Patients do not have to care about their ability to breastfeeding, because it will remain. It is highly recommended to wear a sports bra in order to protect the breast and ensure good hold- this one should be worn appr. 6 weeks postoperatively.

Short Summary:

Minimum age18 years
AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthesia
Duration of surgery1 to 2 hours
StayIn-patient stay for 1 to 2 nights
Special post-treatment6 weeks, sports bra metal-free and stuttgarter belt
Unable to workAt least 1 week
Able to do sportsAfter 6 weeks
Remove of stitchesNot necessary, stitches absorbable

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