Lip Enlargement in Hannover

Full lips are a symbol for femininity and attractiveness but unfortunately, not every woman naturally has a beautiful pout. In order to correspond to the ideal of beauty, women can use make-up but it is not a long-term solution, whereas a plastic surgery is a long-term solution. Surgical as well as non-surgical possibilities can be considered.

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General Information about the Procedure

Even a small surgery can have a huge effect on getting voluminous lips. Cuts and operations are not necessary, the use of hyaluronic acid is sufficient. The hyaluronic acid will be injected into the lips with the help of a syringe and is harmless because the body itself also produces the substance. The resulting effect lasts a couple of month and then has to be renewed. A similar alternative would be the use of the substance collagen.

Despite the synthetically produced fillings, a treatment with autologous fat is a popular alternative and is also often used in terms of Breast Augmentation. This form of Lip Enlargement will be realized by a small Liposuction at the lip in order to remove body fat that needs to be injected into the lip. This method is convincing due to the waiver of chemical substances as well as the long-term effect. However, the duration of this treatment is longer than the treatment with hyaluronic acid or collagen. A surgical Lip Enlargement is another possibility and implies a permanent result. During this surgery, a fabric strip will be removed from another part of the body in order to insert it into the lip. The advantage of this method is the possibility to reduce the lip again afterwards, if the full lips are not wanted anymore. If this is the case, a special synthetic thread is inserted into the lip (in the same colour as the lip) that can easily be removed to unplug the applied tissue.

Possible Complications and Aftercare

If the Treatment is performed by the use of a syringe, the physical load is very low, there is no anaesthesia and despite a light swelling, no other side effects occur. The treatment itself lasts not longer than 15 minutes so that no big loss of time occurs. A long-term Lip Enlargement by means of inserted tissue will be performed ambulatory and with local anaesthesia. Even this method does not contain long downtimes, although the lips should rest for some time. The threads will be pulled out after one week and the healing process is almost completed. However, sport activities should not be carried out for four to six weeks. During the first days after the surgery, a minimal numbness and foreign body sensation can occur, that will quickly vanish.

Short Summary:

AnaesthesiaLocal anaesthesia
Duration of treatment30 to 40 minutes
StayOutpatient stay
Special post-treatmentRegular cool down
Unable to workHardly
Able to do sportsAfter 2 days

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