Eyelid Correction in Hannover

With a friendly and open eye, a person automatically appears more likeable. Moreover, it influences the whole face and therefore, the important first impression. In the area of the eye a lot of different problems can appear with an increasing age, such as a weakness of the connective tissue or excess skin right at the eye. Suddenly, the facial impression seems to be tired or even sad and is accompanied by unpleasant shadows or lachrymal sacks. The blemish is not only a visual nuisance but can also affect everyday life due to a heaviness of the eyelid or eye wrinkles. A face surgery such as eyelid correction or eye correction can help eliminating the disturbing problem effectively and sustainably and helps our patient to get back a young and vital appearance. An eyelid correction can either be carried out through an upper or lower eyelid plastic but also as a combination of both.

Information concerning the surgery

The eye is located in the eye socket and is surrounded by protective fat tissues. If the connective tissue is weakened, the fat tissue can bulge and result in unpleasant excessive skin on the eyelid. This excessive skin is also called hanging lid or lacrymal sack. In order to eliminate this excessive skin as well as the fat tissue, the treating doctor performs a complex surgery.

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Upper Eyelid Correction

The Upper Eyelid Correction starts with marking the place where the cuts should be carried out. After that, narcotics will be infiltrated. The excess skin and a small strip of muscle will be removed with the help of a laser. The incision passes at the corner of the eye and is therefore extended for some millimeters. After that, the fat tissue will be removed from the middle compartment of the eye and the bleeding will be stopped. The end of the skin will be sewed and due to the fine cut the scar will not be visible when the eye is open. In order to prevent the patient from the pain during the surgery, a narcotic is used, which also functions after the surgery. Otherwise, classical analgesics or regular cooling can help. Usually, the Upper Eyelid Correction is performed under local anaesthesia and outpatient treatment. The duration is approximately 60 minutes.

Lower Eyelid Correction

If lacrymal sacks are formed or the connective tissue around the lower eyelid goes limp, a Lower Eyelid Correction can fix this blemish. In most cases, the surgery will be performed from the outside, such as the Upper Eyelid Correction. If the patient is very young and does not have excess skin but only fat tissue, the correction can also be carried out from the inside. In this case, the patient receives an anaesthesia and the cut, which will not be visible later, will be put directly at the lower edge of the eyelashes. Moreover, a little bit of the skin as well as a small strip of muscle and the fat tissue will be removed from different areas to create an even result. On request, it is possible to use the fat tissue for the correction of the dark circles under the eye. Finally, the seam will be sewed with a fine string. Overall, the surgery will last one to two hours.

Possible Complications and Aftercare

An eyelid correction is a surgery and is therefore combined with a risk, even though complications are very rare. Swellings and haematomas are normal after the surgery and already start to fade after some days. Regular cooling can accelerate the healing. An impairment of shutting of the eyelid, infections, asymmetries or noticeable scars are rare complications that can occur and can also be treated with a scar correction afterwards. Occasionally, an internal bleeding in the eye socket can occur followed by a loss of eyesight.

Approximately six month passes until the final result can be seen. During this time, the scarring passes inconspicuously and the last swellings decay. Intensive solar radiation, sport activities and heavy lifting should be avoided after the surgery.

Short Summary:

AnaesthesiaLocal anaesthesia, twilight sleep, narcosis
Duration of surgeryUpper eyelids 1 hour, Lower eyelids, 1,5 hour
StayOupatient stay
Special post-treatmentRegular cool down, for lower lid lifts also lymphatic drainage
Unable to workFew days
Able to do sportsAfter approx. 3 weeks
Remove of stitchesAfter 5 to 7 days

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