Upper Arm Lifting in Hannover

Oberarmstraffung in HannoverTalking about problem zones of a woman, the belly, breast of hips directly come in mind and a Breast Surgery is often the first choice in terms of plastic surgeries. However, some women dislike their upper arms when they are not tight anymore and do not look aesthetic. Especially in summer times, this can be a huge problem when wearing short clothes and the blemish is visible for everyone. A lower self-esteem is often the result and can even lead to depression or strong restrictions in everyday life. Apparently, there are two reasons for drooping skin namely a rapid weight loss combined with an extensive sports programme or the intake of certain medicine and foods. The gravity even supports the drooping of the skin and due to the rapid retraction of fat tissue, the skin cannot adequately form itself. Another reason can also be the ageing of skin, implying the loss of elasticity, lower development of collagen and elastane and therefore a tire of connective tissue. Moreover, mature skin is unable to store important nutrients as good as in recent years. The loss of tension can also lead to the establishment of pale and scar-like cracks that can be compared to stretch marks. Products for care and cosmetic can barely help, so that a surgical Upper Arm Lifting is often the only alternative.

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General Information about the Upper Arm Lifting

The Upper Arm Lifting can either be carried out stationary or ambulatory, depending on the choice of method and extend of drooping skin. Usually, the ambulatory residence is sufficient. Upon consultation either local or general anaesthesia is used, whereas the local anaesthesia is more common. In many cases, only a skin removal is necessary, but this always has to be combined with an additional Liposuction.

In case of an Upper Arm Lifting, the cut will be set on either the front or back of the upper arm and the length of the cut depends on the extent of skin flap. The excessive skin will then be removed and, if wished, the Liposuction will be carried out. After these two steps, the cut will be sewed and only a small and thin scar will remain, hardly visible. Absorbable threads are used containing the advantage of no need for pulling the thread afterwards. The whole surgery will last for a maximum of three hours.

Possible Complications and Aftercare

After the Upper Arm Lifting, a bandage is obligatory for some days and a downtime up to one hour can be possible. Moreover, a bodice has to be worn for four to six weeks. Sport and any other physical activities have to be avoided for two to three week. If no absorbable thread is used, it has to be pulled after three weeks. At this time, first results are already visible, even though swellings and bruises are not rare side effects. The scars heal quickly due to the low risk of ignition. After the surgery, the patient should avoid a weight gain by unhealthy dieting because another rapid loss of weight can then lead to new skin wrinkles.

Short Summary:

AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthesia or twilight sleep
Duration of surgeryBetween 2 to 3 hours
StayOutpatient or short in-patient stay
Special post-treatment6 weeks compression vest
Unable to workAt least 1 week
Able to do sportsAfter approx. 6 weeks
Remove of stitchesNot necessary, stitches absorbable

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