Lipofilling in Hannover

Lipofilling / Eigenfettbehandlung beim MannThe possibilities of plastic surgery are very different. The most popular ones, especially regarding men, are Eyelid Correction and Liposuction, but also the Correction of lips, ears and nose are quite common nowadays. No matter which procedure is finally chosen: many patients still desire naturalness. On the one hand, they aim a realistic and aesthetic result; on the other hand, they want to reach this aim through a natural way. The treatment of the own fat, called Lipofilling, can help even if this surgery is usually used in terms of Breast Augmentation.

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General Information about the treatment with Lipofilling

Lipofillings means the implementation of tissue under the skin. Fat cells will be implied in a special way in order to grow together with the remaining tissue. The advantage is the natural look of the arising effect und the absence of side effects. Lipofilling is specially used for calf augmentation or scar correction. Also wrinkles can be treated with this method and Lipofilling is therefore an interesting alternative to synthetic fillers. Using autologous fat can be helpful if burn injuries, scars or the results of an accident have to be treated or a reconstruction after a tumor is necessary. Someone deciding for Lipofilling, has to consider a Liposuction first. This will take place at a part of the body such as buttock, belly or thighs and as much fat will be removed as the patient wants. At the same time, the removed fat will be used for modeling another part of the body.

The surgery will last half an hour and will be carried out ambulatory under local anaesthesia. It is also possible to have general anaesthesia. Lipofilling does not need big cuts because the fat removal will take place through a tube. Moreover, gentle methods such as the water jetting technology are used in order to reduce the expense and complaints. If the autologous fat is removed, it will be implied to the desired part of the body with the help of punctures with at most 0,5 cm diameter, which is an advantage compared to other methods which often use implants and need to set cuts which are 3cm long. The process of Lipofilling together with a Liposuction lasts 1,5 hours and is carried out ambulatory. In a few cases, it is recommended to spend the night in the clinic. However, this is the exception. The patient should rest after the surgery and should not do any sports for up to one month. Apart from that, the aftercare is not problematic because no threads need to be pulled out. In general, the final result can be seen after 2-3 months.