Penis Augmentation in Hannover

Lipofilling / Eigenfettbehandlung beim MannMany men are not happy with their penis. The Parkklink in Hannover is specialized on penis augmentation with autologous fat. Visit us if you are unhappy about your penis even eventually even restricted due to this circumstance. We fulfill you the dream of a penis of proper size.

A small or average penis can lead to mental problems, which can affect the sexual life. Raise our confidence and enjoy sexual intercourse with the help of a penis augmentation. Experience the positive feeling of an intercourse because it is not only important for you but also for your partner. Have fun in everyday life and focus on positive aspects of life. Inform yourself about a penis augmentation or other treatment for men in the Parkkinik in Hanover and make a life-changing decision!

Make yourself a present with a Penis Augmentation

Do you suffer from the size of your penis? A penis augmentation is a permanent and gentle possibility to end this suffering. Moreover, there is the possibility to give away a penis augmentation to the partner to fulfill his dream. We help you to change your life in a positive way.

Especially men at the age between 20 and 50 recognize the satisfaction in the course of intercourse as fulfilling. Independent from intercourse, a too small penis can be a problem and negatively influence the life. Feel more masculine and potent with a penis augmentation.

Profit from our competent and experienced doctors at the Parkklinik Hannover and get amazing results changing your life. Talk to us about you desires in order to give us the opportunity to inform you about your possibilities of a penis augmentation.

The art of surgery- the successful penis augmentation

A penis augmentation requires long-time experience of the surgeon and a lot of practice. Due to our competent team at the Parkklinik Hannover you can look forward to a great result.

The augmentation of your penis is a gentle surgery which is connected with light pains after the narcosis. That is why you do not have to fear huge pains because the appropriate medicine makes you feel almost pain free. We remove the needed fat from an area you choose by a Liposuction and implant this fat into your penis to form a bigger and thicker penis. Please be aware of the fact that the result depends on your personal anatomical conditions and the starting position. Decide in favor of a penis augmentation at the Parkklinik in Hannover and become more self-confident.