Treatment for Hyperhidrosis/excessive sweating for women in Hannover

Hyperhidrose / Starkes Schwitzen
Sweating is a normal process, but some people do sweat in an extent that affects their everyday life. In this case, we talk about hyperhidrosis. Approximately 2,5 million people from this, whereas the actual number will be even higher. Excessive sweating makes people feel uncomfortable, meinly because it does not only affect the armpits but also the hands, feet, forehead, back or even the whole body. This is especially problematic at the job or when being on vacation because spots arise and an unpleasant smell occurs. This is the reason why people start wearing only dark clothes, overuse perfume and deodorant and avoid being in public. In the worst case, the social life as well as the sexual life suffers from that sweating. As if that would not be enough: affected women often do not only sweat but also start shaking or have fainting attacks. An allergic reaction and itching can be the result of an overuse of perfume or deodorant.

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The reason for hyerhidrosis can have different origins. Often, a hypertension or disease of the thyroid gland can be the cause. In these cases, beta blockers can already help solving the problem. However, truly effective is only a thyroid glands suction or Botox Therapy.

The Surgery of Thyroid Glands Suction in detail

A thyroid glands suction is a form of body plastic surgery and will be carried out ambulatory under local anaesthesia. Any work should be avoided for up to three days and sports should not be performed for the next four weeks. The plastic surgery at the body will be carried out with the use of a small kind of spoon which will remove the thyroid gland from the underside skin. The thyroid gland will then be removed by a tube in order to prevent disturbing sweat production immediately and permanently. Most of the patients are happy with the surgery, but as an alternative, a Botox Therapy can be chosen. As it is the case with Wrinkle Treatment, the substance botulium will be used and injected in the skin to effectively paralyze the thyroid glands. The advantage of this method is first of all, that the glands can also be paralyzed at different body areas such as the forehead and secondly, that a surgical treatment is not necessary. However, this method is not suitable in order to achieve a permanent result and has to be repeated regularly.

Possible Complications and Side Effects

If a thyroid glands suction is chosen, the patient has to wear a bandage for appr. One week after the surgery and any kind of effort should be avoided. Moreover, swellings, bruises and light pain can occur but will not last for long. Other side effects are very rare. Even more unproblematic is the treatment with Botox because no anaesthesia is needed and the whole procedure will be finished after 10 minutes. After that, the usual daily routine can be carried out without any restrictions.

Short Summary:

Minimum age18 years
AnaesthesiaLocal anaesthesia, twilight sleep, narcosis
Duration of surgery1,5 hours
StayOutpatient stay
Special post-treatment4 weeks compression garments
Unable to workApprox. 1 week
Able to do sportsAfter 4 to 6 weeks
Remove of stitchesNot necessary

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