Financing of plastic surgery

You would like to have a plastic surgery but do not know how to finance it best? In order to be well informed about your possibilities, our team will well advise you in advance. However, the actual costs cannot be predicted without a preliminary investigation. Every surgery is individual and so are the costs. We inform you about costs of pre and aftercare, costs for narcosis and which costs have to be expected for the residence. Die duration of residence always differs. We guarantee that no hidden or additional costs will arise. The total amount will be exactly the amount we calculate in the consultation.

Uncomplicated partial payment

If you cannot pay the costs completely at one time due to financial or personal reasons, this is no reason to have no plastic surgery. We offer you partial payment. The advantage is that you can pay in monthly instalments at reduces rates of interest. You can choose the amount of monthly instalments as well as the duration. Moreover, you have the opportunity to only finance a part of the treatment costs.

Check your desires instalments in advance
It might be helpful to deal with the financing an advance and to examine, which amount is monthly available for partial payment. The personal financial situation and other monthly costs offer support and give an overview about the available budget. According to this, the amount of monthly instalments can be determined. We are quite flexible and take into account the financial situation of our patients.

Do not become confused because of the financing! We guarantee proper payment for all out patients. Get well advised by our professional team and find the perfect solution and be aware of all costs that will appear.