Facial Plastic Surgery: A popular surgery even for men

Schönheits OPs im GesichtNowadays, our society is strongly shaped by outer appearance and attractiveness. The appearance of the fashion-conscious men reflects his personality. His self-confidence and strong appearance can be reduced by dissatisfaction about his own personal aura. Stress as well as ageing or the genetic endowment can lead to lachrymal sacks, drooping lids or a double chin. In these cases, a facial plastic surgery is necessary, because sport, the usual cosmetic or a change of diet cannot remove the blemish. The aesthetic and plastic surgery offers many opportunities to get high results by small or sometimes more extended surgeries. Plastic surgery is already established in modern society and the man’s decision of having such a surgery is natural. A young and vital appearance is more and more important in both personal and professional life.

A Facial Plastic Surgery for rejuvenation

More and more effective methods for plastic surgeries for men were developed in recent years. Different surgical and non-invasive procedures can have a huge effect and lead to individual satisfaction about the own appearance. The most popular facial plastic surgeries for men are Eyelid Correction, Wrinkle Treatment, Rhinoplasty and Faceliftings.

Genetic endowment, environmental influences and unhealthy lifestyle can alter the man’s skin. This ageing is mostly visible in the face. Sunken eyelids and weakened face muscles together with wrinkles are the most common symptoms. The reason for this is the decreasing capacity of the skin to store moisture. This affects the tension of skin. A plastic surgery can help in this case and some can even be carried out under local anaesthesia. The advantage of facial plastic surgeries is that different methods can be combined because strong wrinkles from the nose to the mouth or crow’s feet often cannot be removed within one single surgery. This is why it makes sense to combine Facelifting with peeling or laser treatment. This ensures the perfect result.

Do not fear complications

A Facial Plastic Surgery is nowadays a routine procedure containing only a small risk for complication due to innovative operation and narcotic methods. However, all risks have to be considered and well discussed with the surgeon in advance. Moreover, the desired result should be defined in order to prevent disappointments. A conversation with the attending surgeon will state in detail which changes are possible. Only technical and medical innovations can lead to a good result. Allow us to advise you in a personal consultation with our plastic surgeons to be well informed about the realistic possibilities and effective methods for a Facial Plastic Surgery.