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BauchdeckenstraffungFat deposits are particularly visible at the belly and become even more visible when they can be seen through the clothes. Therefore, many women are ashamed of wearing a bikini of short clothes in public. Even worse is excess skin that develops for example after a big weight loss. In this case, the patient lost weight and is thin after several years, but the body still shows overhanging and loose skin and does not look aesthetic and tight. Skin flaps can also be the result of ageing because the skin does not produce enough collagen and elastane anymore. Even intense sport cannot completely reduce the excessive skin. A professional plastic surgery at the body is an effective solution for women to regain an aesthetic body form. A slim waist, wearing figure-accentuating clothes or the confident look in the mirror can become reality.

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Information about the procedure of a Tummy Tuck

The abdominoplasty differentiates between a full abdominal plastic (extensive surgery), small abdominoplasty (risky and complex) and an endoscopic abdominoplasty (minimal invasive surgery for muscle tightening. If only the excessive skin between the navel and genital area should be removed, a mini-abdominoplasty is sufficient, which mobilizes and tightens the skin. An additional Liposuction is not necessary. The classical abdominoplasty removes excessive skin between the navel and costal arch and a repositioning of the navel is necessary. If the patient has a weak abdominal wall, an additional fasciae doubling is necessary, which strengthens the abdominal wall and makes the waist thinner. Performing the surgery after the Saldanha technique, an additional Liposuction and a correction of the contours of the edges will be carried out. The surgery is stationary and under general anaesthesia. Moreover, a high frequency technique is used ensuring a precise and anemic surgery. Thanks to a special skin suture the scars will not be visible afterwards and the threads are absorbable. However, the huge surgery implies the need of Redon drains in order to drain off the wound fluid. These will be removed after one to two days.

Possible Complications and Aftercare

Complications are rare but cannot be completely excluded. Swellings and bruises are the most common side effects, but already disappear after some days. The normal pain relievers can be used against the light pain that might occur. Moreover, the sensibility of the abdominal wall might be be restricted for a short period and in a few cases, a circulatory disorder of the navel might appear, but the hospital staff will be prepared and can react immediately.

After the surgery, the patient should wear compression cloth for eight to twelve weeks to reduce swellings and to stabilize the abdominal wall. The duration depends on the individual healing and will be discussed with the doctor. There should not be any sport activities for six to eight weeks and if a stabilization seam of the muscle was necessary, if can last up to twelve weeks. Moreover, direct solar radiation and sauna sessions should be avoided. The final result is visible after nine to twelve month.

Short Summary:

Minimum age18 years
AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthesia or twilight sleep
Duration of surgery2 to 3 hours
Stay In-patient stay for 1 to 2 nights
Special post-treatment6 weeks compression garments
Unable to workAt least 1 week
Able to do sportsAfter approx. 6 weeks
Remove of stitchesNot necessary, stitches absorbable

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