Lipofilling/ Endogenous Fat Transfer Treatment in Hannover

Lipofilling / Eigenfettbehandlung in HannoverLipofilling is an innovative and modern process facilitating an uncomplicated and natural Breast Augmentation without any implants by using autologous fat from unloved fat pads, such as from the thighs or hips. The gentle fat removal ensures a targeted shaping of the breast with first-class material. Sufficient fat is necessary to perform Lipofilling. Moreover, the Breast Reconstruction has to occur step by step in order to receive a perfect result. This means, that the process should be carried out in several sessions. Autologous fat will be obtained through Water Jet Liposuction in order to get the maximum effect. This innovative method ensures a more effective application of the autologous fat. Breast Treatment through Lipofilling is therefore more comfortable for the patient.


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The Process of Lipofilling Breast Augmentation

An efficient Lipofilling Breast Augmentation can be carried out ambulatory. The duration will be around two and a half hours and only a local anaesthetic is necessary. These two factors illustrate why Lipofilling is a gentle and comfortable alternative facilitating a natural Breast Augmentation. Moreover, this process guarantees permanent satisfaction because the result is characterized by its long-term endurance. Using the method of Lipofilling, a huge part of the removed and transplanted autologous fat connects to the present fat tissue in the breast. The autologous fat will spread around the breast gland. In the ideal case, the patient has small breasts needed to be filled by Lipofilling. In order to support the process, no sport activities should be performed for at least ten days. If possible, a lymph drainage shall support the binding and grow of fat cells. The preliminary investigation by ultrasound guarantees that the tissue of the patient is suitable for the Lipofilling. Even after the surgery, the development of the Breast will be controlled by ultrasounds and therefore, possible complications will be early recognized.

The Advantage of Lipofilling

In contrast to the usual Breast Augmentation with silicone implants, this method contains a lot of advantages. One of the most important aspects is that the sensibility of the nipple is not affected at all. Moreover, no foreign object is needed because the reconstruction only needs autologous fat. A positive side effect is that unloved parts of the body will be affected by removing excessive fat. The whole body image fits after the surgery and no further surgeries are necessary. Only a beautiful and natural breast as well as a very small scar with an average length of half a centimeter will remain.
This method is very modern and comfortable and the patient can shortly work again after the surgery, that will last two and a half hours under local anaesthetic.

Short Summary:

Minimum age18 years
AnaesthesiaLocal or general anaesthesia
Duration of surgery1 to 1,5 hours
StayOutpatient stay
Special post-treatmentsports bra for 6 weeks
Unable to work4 to 7 days
Able to do sportsAfter approx. 8 weeks
Remove of stitchesNot necessary, stitches absorbable

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