Wrinkle Treatment with hyaluronic acid

A crease-free, young and vital face comply the image of our modern society and is seen as a beauty ideal in our culture. Wrinkle Treatment is a possibility to fulfill this beauty ideal. Nowadays, attractiveness plays an important role in personal and professional life. However, the nature imprints the face with increasing age by the establishment of crow’s feet, creases and mimic wrinkles. At a certain age, the skin reduces the ability to store moisture, which leads to a loss of elasticity and therefore, seems to be loose. In order to fix these blemishes with an elegant and careful treatment, different possibilities of Wrinkle Treatment can be considered. Cosmetic surgeons have a lot of possibilities to perform Wrinkle Treatment with own or external materials. The process of the treatment basically includes the cushion of the wrinkles to give the skin more elasticity and clamping force. Wrinkle Treatment can be performed with hyaluronic acid, botox or autologous fat. Wrinkle Treatment is an uncomplicated small surgery with a huge optical effect.

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Wrinkle Treatment with Natural Components

In case of Wrinkle Treatment with hyaluronic acid, the anti-aging skin treatment is carried out by natural components of the own skin. The natural skin component hyaluronic acid regulates the skin hydration und ensures a fresh and vital radiance. The treatment with hyaluronic acid is very popular, because it is well compatible with the skin and the result occurs immediately. This method resembles the static wrinkle treatment, because the skin immediately appears more elastic and smooth. The treatment is ambulatory and does not cause any pain, because no needles are used.

Wrinkle Treatment with Autologous fat

The Wrinkle Treatment with Autologous Fat is also known as Space lifting. This method is one of the most promising versions to naturally reach an aesthetic cushion of different parts of the lips, cheeks and midface. To perform Wrinkle Treatment with Autologous Fat, endogenous fat from the patient has to be used, as it is also the case at Lipofilling. This will be reached through a careful Liposuction at the belly and but with special tubes. After the cleaning of the removed fat, the actual wrinkle treatment takes place. This treatment injects the autologous fat in many small skin incisions through special transplantation tubes. These incisions will be precisely sewed and heal without any scar residues. By the wrinkle treatment through Space lifting, it is important to consider the fact, that not all injected fat cells can anchor themselves. This is why a repetition of two or three times of the Wrinkle Treatment with Autologous Fat is highly recommended to achieve a perfect result.

Wrinkle Treatment with Botox for a bright appearance

Wrinkle Treatment with Botulinus, also known as botox, rapidly ensures a bright appearance. This toxin is basically used for the wrinkle treatment of expression lines, because botox automatically freezes the mimic. The result is a young, fresh and vital facial expression. Botox will be injected to the wished section of the face with fine needles to avoid a further deepening of the wrinkles and to plump up the section of the face at the same time. The Wrinkle Treatment with Botox is free of pain will be performed ambulatory.

Short Summary

AnaesthesiaAnaestethic ointment if needed
Duration of treatmentBetween 15 to 45 minutes
StayOutpatient stay
Special post-treatmentRegular cool down
Social activitiesImmediately
Able to do sportsImmediately
Able to workImmediately

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