Eyelid Correction for a brighter view

Lidkorrektur in HannoverIf a man looks tired and exhausted even though he has a high energy level, the reason is often a tired view that is caused by a drooping lid. The reason for this lid is a loss of elasticity of the thin structured skin cells at the upper and/or lower eyelid as well as a weakened lid muscle. A little surgery in form of an Eyelid Correction can lead to a younger and brighter appearance. It is said that the eye area is the mirror to the soul and this does not have to disappear due to wrinkles and lachrymal sacks. An Eyelid correction is a minimal surgery having a huge impact on the appearance and personal aura. At the present time, not only women often decide to undertake one treatment for women, also men doubt their optical effect. This is why Facial Plastic Surgeries like the Eyelid Correction become more and more popular. Only a harmonic expression of the eyes and a bright face increases the self-confidence. In general, there is a difference between the upper and lower eyelid correction, although a combination is both s recommended from the age of 50.

An Eyelid Correction changes drooping lids into a brighter view

People already suffer from drooping eyelids at the age of 30 and seem less fresh and awake. This phenomenon occurs due to a asymmetry between the eyelids of both eyes. With the help of an Eyelid Correction at the upper eyelid you can already look younger within a short period of time. The process is often performed under local anaesthesia which will only be given after marking the skin that has to be removed. The cuts will be set precisely at the natural skin wrinkle of the upper eyelid parallel to the eyebrow arch to remove the undesired skin stripes. Either can only the excessive skin be removed or additional fat deposits and muscle tissue can be removed in the same step, depending on the extent of the necessary Eyelid correction. You can already see a younger and more vital version of yourself in the mirror after half a week.

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Eyelid Correction due to lachrymal sacks

A young and healthy appearance can be affected by small details such as lachrymal sacks, especially men from the age of 50 suffer from this. The reason is a clear excess skin at the lower eyelid. An Eyelid Correction can help getting back new attractiveness and a certain dynamic.

Lachrymal sacks arise through additional fat tissue, which is filled with lymph fluid, leading to unpleasant warping right under the eyelid, which can also successfully be removed by an Eyelid Correction. The Eyelid Correction will be carried out under a short anaesthesia with the help of a microscope. A precise cut will be set under the eyelashes, from the outer eye angle to the inner one. This cut completely vanishes during the healing. In order to receive an ideal result, the eyelid skin will be completely raised and the –with lymph fluid filled- fat cells will be removed precisely.

A combination of both upper and lower eyelid correction is highly recommended, especially for men at the age of 50 . This combined surgery can positively influence the man’s personal aura and can therefore lead to an increasing self-esteem and a confident manner in public.

Short Summary:

AnaesthesiaLocal anaesthesia, twilight sleep, narcosis
Duration of surgeryUpper eyelids 1 hour, Lower eyelids, 1,5 hour
StayOupatient stay
Special post-treatmentRegular cool down, for lower lid lifts also lymphatic drainage
Unable to workFew days
Able to do sportsAfter approx. 3 weeks
Remove of stitchesAfter 5 to 7 days

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