Breast Surgery: A perfect Breast through Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Surgeries are already highly established in today’s society and are performed on a professional level. The breast is a symbol for femininity and one’s sensuality. Therefore, the dissatisfaction with the breast can lead to a loss of self-esteem and can lead to negative emotions. Fortunately, the vagaries of nature can be modified by a professional Breast Surgery in order to fulfill the wishes of the patient. The ideas of the perfect breast vary widely. A Breast Surgery can change the size, the consistency and the tightness of the breast. The most important maxim in terms of a Breast Surgery is that the result is perfect if the breast matches the body of the patient. Within the field of plastic surgery, Breast Surgeries such as Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and Breast Lifting or Reconstruction are most common.

A Breast Surgery for an Augmentation

Due to the representation of the breast as a woman’s femininity women with small breasts often feel disadvantaged and doubt their sensuality. This can result in inferiority complexes and self doubts. If this is the case, a Breast Surgery can improve the physical and mental wellbeing. A Breast Augmentation offers different options and the patient can choose between the augmentation with autologous fat or with silicone. Choosing the method with autologous fat, this firstly has to be gained through a gentle Liposuction. In general, such a breast surgery is an uncomplicated surgery because no foreign objects are used, no further surgeries are needed and the nipple does not suffer. A Breast Surgery with autologous fat leads to a natural and body-fitting result. Another method for the augmentation of the breast is the use of silicone implants in order to perfectly form the breast. Before the surgery, the patient will be intensively advised to determine the appropriate volume for a new breast. In accordance with the ideas of the patient, different methods can be used for n augmentation. What all methods have in common is the skin incision in order to lift the breast tissue and to form a implant pocket containing the silicone implant, which the surgeon will locate at the correct place to guarantee that the breast tissue stays intact.

A Breast Surgery for a Reduction

Not only can a small breast be mental stress for a woman. Having a too big breast can lead to mental as well as physical complaints and a Breast Surgery can eliminate physical impairments such as back pain or postural defects. In this case, a Breast Reduction restores the physical wellbeing and leads to an aesthetic and healthy result. Moreover, patients deciding to have a Breast Surgery, often suffer from hanging breast areas as a result of a pregnancy, breastfeeding or increasing age. A Breast surgery can tighten the breast in either case. After the surgery, the breast will appear well-formed and the patient feels more feminine again.

A Breast Surgery for Reconstruction

A Breast Surgery for Reconstruction is often connected to a strong emotional experience such as an accident or cancer, having led to the amputation of the breast. A professional consultation determines the best individual method of treatment. A Breast Reconstruction is often combined with many other Breast Surgeries. However, what is certain is that the effort is worth it because the patient receives a completely new awareness of life and a higher self-esteem.