Treatment of Hyperhidrosis/strong sweating in Hannover

Mann im edlen Anzug ohne stark zu schwitzenIn General, sweating is a normal body function fulfilling useful tasks such as the transport of hormones and fragrances, the regulation of the body temperature and the excretion of pollutants. The body contains of approximately two million sweat glands, located in the hands, feet, forehead and armpits. However, some people are sweating more than others and are therefore limited in their everyday life. Approximately three percent of Germans suffer from hyperhidrosis.

According to scientific definition, people suffer from excessive sweating if 100 ml sweat per armpit is produced within duration of 5 minutes. This affects the hands and feet to 60% and armpits and forehead to 40%. People affected often have to deal with permanent sweating, leading to unpleasant smell and moist stains on the clothes. Moreover, it is hardly possible to use the hands in a normal way because they are permanently wet.

Anyone suffering from these symptoms can get rid of these with the help of a plastic surgery. Nowadays, you have two different possibilities for the treatment that basically differentiate between leading to a long-term or short-term solution.

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The treatment of Hyperhidrosis in detail

If excessive sweating is not supposed to be removed through a plastic surgery, a treatment with Botox can be considered, which is also used for the Wrinkle Treatment. Botox will be injected with the help of a needle and paralyses the sweat gland. This stops the strong production of sweat. This method convinces due to the fast and soft application. Moreover, it contains low risk and can be considered regarding any part of the body.

In order to receive a permanent solution, Botox is not recommended because this procedure has to be repeated in regular periods. An alternative is the sweat gland suction. This surgical procedure lasts one hour and the patient has to rest for 2-3 days afterwards. During the suction, two or three cuts (3 mm diameter) are set in the armpit. A spoon like instrument will be inserted through the cuts which scrapes the sweat gland. After that, the tissue is sucked off through a tube. This method is really effective and guarantees a permanent solution, but it can only be performed on the armpit area.

Possible Complications and Aftercare

The treatment with Botox is almost risk-free because no local anaesthesia is necessary and a cooling ice beam is used to make the skin less sensitive. Regular activities can be performed directly after the surgery. The procedure can be repeated every six to eight months.

The suction, however, is more complex and the patient has to rest for one week. In addition to that, an armpit bandage is necessary for one week and no sports or exhausting activities should be performed for four to six weeks. Side effects are rare in general and are limited to possible bruises and swellings. The suction will be carried out under twilight sleep or local anaesthesia.

Short Summary:

Minimum age18 years
AnaesthesiaLocal anaesthesia, twilight sleep, narcosis
Duration of surgery1,5 hours
StayOutpatient stay
Special post-treatment4 weeks compression garments
Unable to workApprox. 1 week
Able to do sportsAfter 4 to 6 weeks
Remove of stitchesNot necessary

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