Scar Correction in Hannover

Narbenkorrektur in HannoverA flawless and young skin is a beauty ideal for many women. In order to keep the skin young, fresh and flawless, care and cosmetic products can help. However, unattractive scars on the body need special treatment to become almost invisible. These scars are often a result of wrong-treated violations or a wound that could not heal appropriately. Many people have the one or other not disturbing scar. If the scar is visible for everyone, they can become a burden for affected people because they disturb the whole body image. Scars in the face are mostly a problem for women and can even lead to self doubt and a mental burden. On top of that, scars can not only affect the appearance but also the mobility and other processes. In the area of the mouth or eyes, scars can negatively influence the mimic and can lead to certain unpleasant tensions. A surgery in terms of scar correction can help no matter if the result is explained in an aesthetic or dermatological way.

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Information about a Scar Correction in Hannover

If scar is new, non-invasive treatment should be considered first. Helpful are scar creams and pressure treatment. Moreover, people should be aware of the fact that even modern medicine can only affect very strong scar tissue is a limited extent. A complete removal cannot be guaranteed, only a correction is possible in order to make the scar less visible. The nose correction can be carried out with the help of different techniques depending on body area and type of scar. In order to correct the scar, the scar will be cut out and later replaced by a smoother and thinner scar. It is also possible to carefully grind the upper skin layer. If the skin is highly scarred, healthy skin can be implemented by using healthy skin from another part of the body. Only a small scar will then remain in that case.

A special treatment is used when dealing with keloid scars. These overgrow the scar edge and lead to pain, itch and are often red. The treatment is often more complex. Keloid scars often appear at the upper body and affect the breast, shoulders and ears. The scar will be cut out, treated with cortisol locally iced or reduced with the help of X-rays. Moreover, silicone can be used here, despite the breast surgery.

If a scar affects the motor skills or mimic and are across the tension lines, a z-plastic or w-plastic is recommended. Using these methods, a part of the scar will be relocated strategically so that the scar will have a narrow shape. Sometimes, it is also possible to remove the scar step by step. This result of this method is only a very thin line, but repeated interventions every six to twelve weeks are necessary.

Possible Complications and Aftercare

The extent and risk of any plastic surgery at the the body depends on the choice of treatment. The surgery will be carried out ambulatory if no transplantation is necessary. Smaller surgeries such as the z-plastic contain almost no risk and are carried out rapidly.

Patient should expect being not able to work for one week and the skin and body needs to recover for months. Moreover, more complex treatments imply the need of bandages, which can be removed after the after treatment. If necessary, threads of new scars have to be pulled out.

Short Summary:

Minimum age18 years
AnaesthesiaLocal or general anaesthesia
Duration of surgery1 hour
StayOutpatient stay
Special post-treatmentPressure bandage for 4 to 6 weeks is possible
Unable to work4 to 7 days
Able to do sportsAfter approx. 8 weeks
Remove of stitchesAfter 10 to 14 days

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